Arnala Beach

Located in Virar, a cosmopolitan city on the northern outskirts of Mumbai, Arnala is a coastal village popularly known for its fishermen community.

Whether you have a long weekend ahead or just need to take a break from the fast-paced life, this quaint village offers the perfect weekend getaway not too far from the city. What was once an unknown town with only local villagers and fishermen, due to its speedy development and curious explorers; it is now hosted to many vacationers because of its famous Arnala Beach.

The Arnala Beach was merely an isolated shore with hardly any visitors until the late 1990s when it started booming with families and picnic groups looking for weekend vacations. Today, you will see the coast bustling with tourists from neighboring cities as well as states all year round.

Arnala Beach is known for having the longest coastline of 6kms among the suburban beaches. The first thing you will notice on arrival is the presence of the beautiful Suru trees swaying with the ocean breeze and offering shade to fellow picnickers. The beach is well-maintained with miles of perfect sand and surf making it a great picnic spot for family and friends.

Due to its increasing popularity as a tourist destination, there are various facilities that have come up around the beach. You can find a number of cottages and resorts serving as a major attraction surrounding the beach. These resorts provide accommodation, majestic pools and delicious cuisines at reasonable rates.

For those wanting to enjoy the beach itself, the sprawling trees offer ample of shade to set up picnics. You will see families putting up camps or arranging mats on the beach floor.

Many local businesses have set up shops here from selling beach items like toys and floor mats to stalls & hawkers providing all types of food items and snacks. You can enjoy a hot & sweet corn during the winter or an ice gola to chase away the sweltering summer heat. There are camels and horses at your service to take you on a pleasant ride. And to capture all of it, ask the many photographers offering instant print pictures, buzzing around.

Do not leave without tasting the mouth-watering sea food dishes that the beach has to offer, one of its major highlights.

Visitors wanting to venture out further than the beach, can have small taste of history by checking out the Arnala Fort, once ruled by the Portuguese, which is 5-10 minute boat ride away located on an island off the Arnala Port.

Take a break from the concrete jungle and spend an exciting weekend away surrounded by nature. Whether you want to swim, socialize or relax & soak up the sun, Arnala Beach offers it all!

When is the best time to visit?

Tourists throng the beach all year round irrespective of the weather. The coastal belt receives moderate to high rainfall during the monsoon season. Summers are quite warm with temperatures going up to 32 0 C. The best time to visit would be from November to February during the winter season to have an overall pleasant experience.


Take a Virar-bound train on the Western Railway Line and get down at Virar Station, typically the last stop on the suburban railway network. Get on the national highway if traveling by road.

From Virar Station

Frequent MSRTC & VVMTC buses from Virar West Bus depot available.

25 – 30 minutes by cars /rickshaws / bikes

Parking spots are available for private vehicles and tourist buses.

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