Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We at Blu Sail provide the entire spectrum of services and parking needs your will need for your boat, yacht and other watercraft. Our warehouses and bays have a high ceiling and spacey, which can accommodate the height of a tallest sail and multiple boats comfortably. We furnish a complete spectrum of protection from weather and other climatic conditions. We also extend an entire storage for marine products dry stack rack whether it is free standing, 3 sided or tailor made. Dry stack systems are convenient, secure and durable. Committed to excellence, our aim is to offer the proper care and maintenance facility all under own roof.   Our qualified team of engineers and nautical marine specialists provide the latest in marine technology to deliver the best on the promise. Supported with by first rate facilities, we render warehousing functionalities such as

  • Bonded warehousing

  • Full trailer and container loading bay facility storage

  • Distribution and consolidation for imports and exports

  • Long/short term storage contracts

  • Inventory management and reporting

  • Advanced security systems at all times

  • Regular quality inspection and monitor the same

Boat or yacht parking facilities: Blu Sail offers excellent parking for yacht and other vessels boats, whether fractional or time shared, to maintain the watercraft in mint condition. We consider it as our responsibility to safeguard your valuable investment recreational vehicle (RV).  The main facilities we offer are:

Location: The yacht has to be preserved in a dependable location.  As the size and height of the boats, yachts etc. differ; we assess the watercraft and suggest the apt parking place. Usually, it is a warehouse, but it can also be a canopy style parking cover. Accessibility: We take into consideration your accessibility when it comes to your yacht. We ensure that the boat parking space is user-friendly, convenient and for easy maneuverability.

Structural strength: We ascertain that all our structures have a deep bearing to give it an additional structural strength.  This helps us accommodate a yacht of all width and heights as well as resist wind force, especially during monsoons. We have fire sprinklers to take care of any unfortunate eventuality. Workforce: We are diligent when it comes to protecting our client’s property. Our team of experts goes that extra mile to employ all safety measures in storage facility aligning to eh international standards.

Safety and Dependability: We understand the value of your RV and therefore offer a world-class storage facility to ensure that it is protected.  We are non-tolerant towards any safety lapses and make sure that your boat is exactly, perhaps in a better condition, when you parked it at our facility. Advanced security measures, proper lighting, camera surveillance is mandatory.

Ancillary services: We maintain your RV by regularly washing and maintain them. Our engineers check on all its operational parts so that it maintains its mint condition even when in use. We sell spare parts and other marine tools too.

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